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Local Organisms Crossword Puzzle

Luke Stierwalt

Complete the puzzle.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7       8            
9           10              
11   12                    
13                 14  
      15   16 17                
  19                 20  
21     22           23                  
24           25             26  
28         29   30     31     32    
        33 34
  35 36     37            

7.an insect long, slender-bodied insects with two wings, lives by the water
10.the largest frog in North America
12.pointed nose, found hanging in trees, light brown colo
13.a smaller fish and is great for eating
17.a brown body, white head, yellow beak, our national symbol
19.they tend to snoop around your garbage at night
21.long ears, short tail, weighs 2-11 pounds, very fast
23.lspiny coat and heavy, relatively slow large mammal with powerful limbs, a small head, and small, rounded ears, and can weigh up to 300lbs
24.well adapted to life in the water and big teeth for cutting wood
25.run up and down trees, eating nuts
27.a gray bird, it is very fat and sits high in trees
28.long skinny reptile, long tail and very quick
30.A small insect and produces a very annoying noise at night
37.large freshwater rodents that look very much like a beaver, related to mice and rats
38.this insect produces honey
39.relatively slow amphibian, has a small shell it carries on its back
40.fast, four legged mammal, brown fur, are very quiet animals
1.thick layer of fat for their hibernation in the winter, they have tunnels under ground
2.large mammal with powerful limbs, a small head, and small, rounded ears, and can weigh up to 300lbs
3.they live in a nest and travel by a tunnel system, hairless tail
4.a bird with a long narrow beak and pecks at wood
5.a large bird with a gray body and a black head
6.a small amphibian, lives by the water, likes to jump on lily pads
8.a bird that hallows late at night from the trees
9.a fish that is not used for eating, a garbage fish
11.an insect produces a web and bites are vicious
14.similar the only mammal capable of flight
15.this insect is very tiny and sticks to your skin
16.pouched cheeks are used to store and carry food
18.a larger fish and is great for eating
20.this bird is found near the water on beaches
22.eerie screams are often emitted by bobcats during the night
26.has a red shell with black dots
29.this bird likes to float in the water but can also fly
31.similar appearance to a dog
32.a wild bird, has many feathers, makes a gobble noise
33.they are known by their distinct smell they give off
34.a sport fish and it has a large mouth
35.a very small mammal, gray colored fur, can end up in our homes
36.highly adapted for swimming, habitat are usually in water areas

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