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Jeshua Moore.

It has questions pertaining to the book of Acts and Commentary

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4.Emperor of Rome during a.d. 54-68
6.One the apostles that the book of Acts focuses on.
8.The testament that Acts is in.
9.The religion that Christianity grew out of.
12.Emperor of Rome during a.d. 41-54
16.Grandson of Herod the Great.
17.Member of the Trinity that is important to the book of Acts.
20.Day that the Holy Spirit came in flames of fire on the disciples of Jesus.
21.One of the places that the disciples witnessed in.
24.The empire that is in power when the book of Acts takes place
25.Paul's old name.
26.One of the apostles
27.The apostle that helped the Ethiopian in Acts 8.
28.One of the places that the disciples witnessed in.
1.The woman that Peter raised from the dead.
2.Oldest record of the christian bible in Greek.
3.People who are not Jews.
5.The almost universally understood language at that time period.
7.Title of the book after Luke
9.One of the places that the disciples witnessed in.
10.The man in Acts chapter 5 that lied to the Holy Spirit.
11.Emperor of Rome during a.d. 37-41
13.One of the seven deacons that was stoned.
14.Name of the new religion that came about during the time period of Acts.
15.Emperor of Rome during a.d. 14-37
18.Disciple who replaced Judas.
19.Author of the book of Acts
22.The characteristic that the Believers prayed for in Acts 4
23.One of Jesus' disciples

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