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The Way of the Samurai

Saul Rachelson

Geronimo Stilton and Wild Willie went off to japan in search of the ancient samurai scroll that holds a secret long-lost fighting technique. We must find it because bad guys have got it before us and we must rescue it.

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3.One island of Japan where karate is said to have been born
5.A place where one practices karate
8.Very spicy Japanese paste made from the greenish root of an Asian herb. It is similar in flavor to horseradish.
11.Known for fabulous shopping
12.Dwarf trees
15.Favorite food of main character
16.Main character in the story
17.Instruments used instead of a knife or fork in Japan
18.Treasure that main character is searching for
19.A powerful Japanese feudal lord.
20.Spending too much time on the sofa in front of the television
1.Japanese warriors, experts in ancient martial arts and very dangerous.
2.The color one turns when he or she is embarrassed
4.An archaeologist
6.Country where main character traveled
7.A long, single-edged, curved japanes sword used by samurai.
9.A ancient form of martial art
10.Known for serious japanese entertainment (now closed)
13.A karate world champion
14.A mouse mustache

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