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Rodrigo Benavides

Test out your knowledge on world issues, the UN, history and more!

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3.A dreadful shooting during the premiere os Batman: The Dark Knight Rises occurred in _____________, Colorado
7.UN soldiers
10.Region in Spain that currently seeks independence
12.The 2012 summer Olympic games took place in...
16.__________ is now an olympic sport, making its first appearance in 2016
17.International organisation of countries that began in 1945
18.UN council that deals with economic and social issues
19.Olympic athlete, Michael Phelps, broke the record for most olympic medals won with
1.International organisation that was proposed by Woodrow Wilson after WWI
2.The most powerful rover created, called ___________, successfully landed on Mars
3.English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French and __________ are the official languages of the UN
4.Gaddafi was the ruler of ___________ for 42 years
5.This movie holds the record for most gross worldwide
6.Power that overrules any motion on the security council
8.Apple sued ______ and won the lawsuit along with $1 billion
9.Which is the country that gained its independence most recently?
11.Who is the current secretary general of the UN?
13.Mexican pilot, Sergio Perez, left Sauber to join...
14.ON february 6, 2012, Queen __________ celebrated her 60th anniversary on the throne
15.China, Russia, USA, France and the UK are all _________ members of the security council

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