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Archaeological Field Methods

J. Moore

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3.A dating technique based on the the amount of unstable radioactive carbon left in organic materials.
6.Stains on the ground indicating underlying structures .
8.A dating technique based on counting tree growth rings.
9.Fossilized feces yielding valuable information about diet and health.
10.Federal legislation providing a process for returning humans remains to the descendants of those people or culturally affiliated tribes.
11.Skeletal remains of a 9000+ year old man found in the state of Washington, which were central to a “who owns the bones” debate.
13.Period of time before written records.
15.Example of relative dating
17.Remains such as hearths and house foundations preserved in archaeological sites.
19.Returning something to its place of origin.
20.Plant or animal remains that have been mineralized
22.Arranging things in order in time.
23.Imprint of the brain inside the skull.
24.The 3-dimensional location of an artifact or feature in an archaeological site.
25.Using radar to penetrate jungle cover and map the jungle floor.
26.An archaeological garbage dump.
1.Archaeology working within federal laws to protect historic or archaeological remains, using either survey or excavation.
2.Archaeology using written records, as well as excavation.
4.A/an _______ dating technique using chemical or physical properties and yielding actual numeric dates.
5.The carved wooden bowls, ladles and clothing recovered during the excavation of an Eskimo girl's burial in Alaska.
7.Places containing remains of previous human activity
12.Horizontal provenience
14.A ______ site contains layers of deposits
16.Looting of archaeological sites.
18.Items included in a burial to accompany the body.
21.Vertical provenience

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