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What is Arc Welding

Ag 1-2

1 2 3
  6       7  
8   9      
11     12                          
  14   15                    

4.Direct current refers to electricity which flows constantly in one direction or definite _______.
6.Substance that forms over a weld which allows gases to escape, solid impurities to float to the surface, and reduces cooling rate.
10.The “stick” used in the electrode holder used to run a bead.
11.Forms slag, produces a gaseous shield that protects from atmospheric elements that make the weld weak and brittle.
13.Is the most common used current.
14.An electrical breakdown of gas which produces an ongoing plasma discharge.
1.To improve your welding skills, always remember ____________.
2.Determines strength of welder joints and hardness of weld deposit.
5.This should be worn when welding.
8.A_________ should be used to clean each weld.
9.The weld left behind the electrode.
12.The work piece should be __________ after each weld.
15.Name an example of a types of electrode.

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