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Science Review 3rd Grade

S. Skalak

Review of science concepts for SOL

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2.an animal that eats both plants and animals
3.layer below subsoil that develops over a long period of time by actions of water and has mostly rocks in it
5.an animal that hunts and kills other animals for food
7.an animal that mainly eats plants
8.a large variety of plants and animals live in this environment which has the same wet, warm season all year long
9.materials that plants and animals need to live and grown
11.plants and other organisms that can make their own food from sunlight, air and water. Usually serve as food source for other animals
12.type of tree that drops leaves in the fall and grows new ones in these spring
14.layer just below topsoil that develops over a long period of time by action of water
16.matching body color to environment to "blend in"
17.what an animal needs to in an environment in order to survive
19.an environment with many grasses and shrubs trees, the savannah and the prairies are examples
22.an environment that has many trees and has four seasons
24.an aquatic environment that is made up of both water and land; it has many plants and animals thrive in this muddy environment
25.allows animal to survive in changing environment
26.means "on land"
29.this is where different populations live together in the same place
30.a group of organisms of the same kind that live together run the same place
31.an animal that is hunted or caught for food
32.upper layer of soil which is a natural product of subsoil and bedrock and is best for growing plants
1.ways animals act in order to survive
4.animal that mainly eats flesh or meat
6.an environment that is very dry which has plants and animals whose adaptations allow them to survive with little water
10.organisms that break down decayed plants and animals into small pieces that can be used bylining things
13.located in the topsoil and is decayed material that provides nutrients in the soil
15.contains most of the water on the earth and is made of salt water
18.deep winter sleep in which body activities slow down so an animal can live off food stored in body
20.looking like another living thing to hide from enemies
21.means "on or in the water"
23.organisms that feed on living organisms in the food chain
27.an aquatic environment that has fresh water that is constantly moving; many plants grow around or near it
28.an aquatic environment that collects mainly rain water, and the water is still and calm

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