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Weathering & Erosion

Stiles Muccini Class 728

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1.Erosion caused by gravity
4.Rain made by pollution
6.A type of weathering that uses chemicals (ex: acid)
8.Erosion of the land by wind
10.The movement of sediments
12.Sediment heading slowly downhill
13.When there is so much water it rolls off in sheets
17.Channels cut into the earth that carry water and sediment
20.When sediment is moved by glaciers
2.A type of weathering
3.Break down rocks with acid
5.Small pieces of rock, sand, and/or dirt
7.When water breaks rocks by getting in cracks and freezing
9.When frost breaks rocks
11.Larger, more powerful rills
14.Breaking of rocks into smaller pieces
15.Wind blows sediment into rocks, causing pits and a polished surface on rock
16.Rock or sediment moving downhill along a curved surface
18.Sediment moved by mud downhill
19.Water that flows over ground

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