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North Africa and Middle East Review

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3.an area ruled by Islamic leaders
6.90% of Egypt's population lives on what percentage of land
9.invented by the Sumarians
11.this country has geometric boundaries
12.Just ended a civil war almost a year ago
14.cool days, cold nights, and large plains and prairies
16.destination for Muslim pilgrimage
17.religion of Israel
18.area fought over in Israel
19.Berbers are this to North Africa
24.to tame or take out the wild
26.language of Persians
27.grain such as barley or wheat
28.Armenia is this
35.Georgia is this
36.hot dry summers and cool, wet winters
37.if polluted, it can damage the Mediterranean Sea
38.majority of Muslims
42.means "land of" in Ancient Persian
43.example of exclave
44.roads, schools, water, electricity
47.largest ethnicity in Afghanistan
48.Mesopotamia was the first
53.dry streambeds created after rain
54.very very salty and contains no aquatic life
55.an embargo is a trade ________
57.used for irrigation and now reduced to a small size
58.the prophet for Islam
59.watering hole in the desert
60.Ottoman Empire was based in this country
1.important to Jews, Muslims, and Christians
2.Israelis won this many wars against their Arab neighbors
4.area ruled by Middle Eastern princes
5.this country grows citrus fruit
7.pilgrimage for Muslims
8.the capital of Libya
10.more than half are not citizens
13.example of enclave
15.mujahideen are from here
20.hot days, cold nights, and little rainfall
21.the Taliban supported this
22.area fought over in Israel
23.primate city of Egypt
25.controls the price of oil
29.Found mostly in Iran and Iraq
30.the beginning of a civilization or idea
31.mujahideen fought this country
32.rivers and mountains
33.the Arabs brought this into North Africa
34.laws according to Islamic rules
39.Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all this type
40.practiced on the steppes
41.culture region in Iraq, Iran, and Western Turkey
45.has a monarchy
46.the capital of Tunisia
49.this city used to be called Constantinople
50.the Arabs brought this into North Africa
51.area fought over in Israel
52.Muslim place of worship
56.currently has a civil war occuring

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