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The Baptism of The Lord

Catholics United for the Faith

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5.Peter spoke in this man's house.
9."He shall bring forth justice to the ______,"
10.The feast of the Baptism of the Lord is the last day of this season.
11.Through baptism we receive sanctifying _____.
12.God's servant will be "a light for the nations, to open the ____ of the blind,"
13."God _______ Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power."
15."A bruised _____ he shall not break,"
16.The word derived from the Greek word meaning "anointed one".
19."You are my beloved ___; with you I am well pleased."
20."Give to the LORD the ____ due his name;" Ps 29
1.Baptism does NOT remove the inclination to sin called ____________.
2."The _____ of the LORD is over the waters." Ps 29
3."All were asking in their hearts whether _____ might be the Christ."
4.Baptism infuses the three theological _______ of faith, hope and charity.
6."I am not worthy to loosen the thongs of his ______."
7."I formed you and set you as a ______ of the people."
8.The cardinal virtue that disposes one to give rightful due to God and neighbor.
14.Baptism removes _______ sin.
16.At baptism, a person is anointed with this oil.
17.The prophet for today.
18.The matter of baptism is ______.

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