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Genetics Terms

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2.term for genotype in which there are two recessive alleles.
6.type of organism that Mendel studied
7.offspring that are the result of crossing parents that have the same traits, opposite of hybrid
12.term for genotype in which there is a dominant allele and a recessive allele also.
14.Mendel's principle of inheritance stating that some alleles are dominant and need only one copy to be expressed and other alleles need two copies to be expressed
15.inheritance pattern in which two different alleles are expressed in their pure form (not blended) in the phenotype of heterozygous individuals. Examples type AB blood and erminette chickens.
16.term for allele that requires two copies to be expressed in an organism
19.two identical alleles for a trait (HH)
22.first generation of a cross
24.inheritance pattern in which a trait is expressed in the phenotype of heterozygous individuals is an apparent blend or intermediate expression. For instance red and white flowers producing pink flowers.
26.specialized cell involved in sexual reproduction (egg/sperm)
27.specific characteristics that vary from one individual to another that can be passed from parent to offspring
28.observable or detectable characteristics of an organism, the expression of a genotype
1.Mendel's principle of inheritance stating that during the formation of sex cells that the alleles for a gene segregate and are put in separate sex cells
2.offspring of crosses between parents with different or contrasting traits, opposite of purebred
3.term for inheritance pattern which can be explained by simple rules of dominant recessive genes and in which one gene controls a trait
4.different or contrasting forms of a trait or gene
5.two letters representing the alleles inherited for a trait, not observable characteristics
8.traits or genes that are located on a sex chromosome and have different patterns of inheritance.
9.inheritance pattern in which a gene has more than two alleles possible. Example rabbit coat color.
10.likelihood that an event will occur
11.two different alleles for a trait (Hh)
13.term for genotype in which there are two dominant alleles
14.trait that is determined by the combined effect of more that one gene. Color of human skin and eye color are examples. The result of this kind of inheritance is many phenotypes.
17.twins that develop from the same egg and inherit the exact same alleles for each trait.
18.graphical method of showing all the possible genotype combination for the offspring of a particular cross if we know the parent's genotypes. Named after pioneer British geneticist.
20.scientific study of heredity
21.19th century European monk who studied pea plants and developed the important principles of genetics
23.term for an allele that masks the expression of another allele. Only need one copy to express phenotype
25.sequence of nucleotides on a DNA molecule that codes for one protein and determines a trait

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