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James Patrick Page

Led Zeppelin~Ultimate Fan Page

Grab your pencils. In honour of Jimmy's 69th birthday, enjoy our little puzzle.

1     2     3
5 6          
8 9       10 11           12
    13               14
  16             17                  
    18   19      
20 21               22              
  24   25             26
  28               29 30        
31         32        
    33     34          
35             36          
            37 38         39
41     42        
43         44         45       46  
    49   50                    
          51 52                        
53             54              

1.Received an honorary doctorate from the University of __________
4.First name of singer-bandmate in The Firm
6.Last name of 'Houses of the Holy' cover models
7.The common middle name of the three oldest Page men
8.This 'Joe' gave Jimmy a Les Paul that was used for most of Zeppelin's recordings
11.They come from the land of ice and snow
13.Performed 'Sunshine Superman' with him in 2011
15.Zeppelin disbanded after his death in 1980
16.He bought this occultist's house in the early '70s
17.She needed this to get to Heaven
19.This animal has been named after Jimmy's doubleneck guitar
21.Object that emits high pitched squeals
22.Name of book store that Jimmy once owned
23.The number of times Jimmy was inducted to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
25.Charity concert in his name was last Zeppelin reunion
27.The__________ Crowes
28.Page joined Robert on stage for 3 songs here in 1990.
30.Ms. Denny of 'Battle of Evermore' fame
31.Fashion accessory Page is usually photographed wearing
34.Roy, from 'Whatever happened to Jugula?'
35.The pole that people are hung from
36.Who reportedly gave Zeppelin their name
37.First child's name
40.They performed 'Communication Breakdown' at the UK Hall of Fame ceremony
43.Where the boys were going on Led Zeppelin IV
47.Nickname of his 1959 guitar given to him by Jeff Beck
48.Queen awarded this to Jimmy in 2005
50.Olympic closing ceremony in 2008 featured, Page, Lewis and David ________
52.The 2nd longest studio song Zep ever recorded
53.Childhood friend, Jeff ___________
54.Tuning for live performances of Kashmir
55.Ex Whitesnake singer, Page teamed up with in the early 90s
56.A special object was produced for this album's release
2.Kenneth's Lucifer _________
3.Appeared on this singer's solo album 'Now and Zen'
5.Song Jimmy mentions as being one of his favourites to play
9.Participated in this charity's series of concerts in 1983
10.The MTV concert Page/Plant released
12.Jimmy's ascendent astrological sign
14.Described as Jimmy's personal photographer
17.First single 'She Just _________'
18.The David who had the boys on his show in December
20.Album released shortly after Bonham's death
24.The type of music Page played on tv as a teenager
26.President, Page met in December 2012
29.Nominated for a Grammy for their Zeppelin cover package art
32.Boleskine House is on the shores of Loch Ness in this country
33.Page's symbol designed for Zeppelin's 4th album
34.He found the 'Sea of Love' with this project
35.'Come With Me' appeared in which monster movie
38.Jimmy and Robert took a walk here
39.Type of guitar given to him from Jeff Beck
41.A citrus fruit and also a Zeppelin song
42.Single from 1985's 'The Firm' album
44.Jimmy's first and only solo album to date
45.The band that Jimmy first toured with
46.Cottage where recordings of Led Zep II took place
49.He created Led Zeppelin II album art
51.Guitarist who appeared with Jimmy and Jack White in It Might Get Loud
53.Accessory used during Dazed and Confused

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