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World History Midterm Crossword

Mr. Taylor

Crossword puzzle for studying the midterm

1 2   3              
4     5     6        
  7     8        
9     10                   11        
    12         13            
        15                         16          
18                                 19                      
  20                         21           22    
  23                     24     25  
28 29              
30   31   32 33      
34 35                                
          36           37        
38               39                      
  42                   43              
44                     45    

2.the intellectuals of the Enlightenment
4.mulitstoried structures made of stone and brick that housed the Anasazi
6.Mesoamerican civilization that created hieroglyphs
8.legally bound to land upon which they worked
10.secular rulers both chose nominees to church offices and gave tehm the symbols of their office
13.Spanish King appointed these to rule his American Empire
15.these people used Buffalo for food clothing, tools and shelter
16.permanent tax, helped create a strong French monarchy
18.best known of all Christian humanist
19.conflict that resulted in loss of political power of the catholic church
20.a court created by the Cathoilc Church to try heretics
21.This movement had a profound impact on education
23.prohibited priests from giving the sacraments of the Church to a particular group of people
26.Francis Bacon believed scientist should use this
27.explored the New England coastline of the Americas for England
29.Maria Winkleman became famous for discovering this
35.top social class in the New World
36.memebers of the wealthiest and most powerful families
38.The long-lasting and rewarding source of prosperity for Latin America came from this resource
39.the act of denying Church doctrines
41.the staple food crop of Mesoamerican and south america
42.Originally, African slaves were brought to the America's to work on these types of plantations
43.heavy wheeled plow with an iron plowshare
44.wrote the influential political book the Prince
46.Frescos painted by this man have long been reguarded as the first masterpieces of early Renaissance art
47.the right of Spanish settlers to use Native Americans as laborers
48.oldest known Mesoamerican civilization
1.Material from this tree was used for money by the Maya
3.struggle between Henery IV and Gregory VII
5.merchants and artisans living in walled cities
7.lived in the Southwest, in present-day New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorando
8.an entire society agrees to be governed by its general will
9.the journey of slaves from Africa to america
11.the pattern of trade that connected Europe, Africa and Asia and the American continents
12.believed that the government should have checks and balances
14.draft of native american labor
17.the study of religion and God
22.harmonize Christian teachings with the works of Greek Philosophers
24.set of principles that dominated economic thought in the 17th century
25.Flemish painter Jan van Eyck was one of the first to use and perfect this technique
28.an agricultural estate run by a lord and worked by peasants
30.written in everyday language of speech in a particular region
31.First protestant faith
32.known for mound building
33.The father of Italian Renaissance humanism
34.killed 38 million people resulting in severe economic consequences
37.Lived in Longhouses
40.This Family controlled the government of Florence from behind the scenes
45.groups of related Iroquois families who represented in grand council

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