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Coleridge and Friends (OK)


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  6 7 8    
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  20 21 22                
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    45       46          

1.All in a hot and copper sky/the bloody Sun, at noon....
3.narrative, longer, simple diction, oral tradition
9.evening prayers
10.The moving moon went up the sky,/and nowhere did abide/Softly she was going up....
12.a convenience of staging to help solve a seemingly impossible predicament (3 words)
14.Sweet sounds rose slowly...
19.the unit most often used in metered poetry
23.It crack'd and growl'd and roar'd and howl'd
24.a weakness that causes downfall
25.repeated vowel sounds in close proximity in words that don't rhyme
26.4-3-4-3 and A-B-C-B (2 words)
30.the hamartia of excessive pride
31.The ultimate femme fatale in "Rime"
33.the running over of lines in a poem
34.All hands on deck!
35.intentionally vague, purposeful
39.3 iambic feet per line
41.intentionally harsh sounding words in close proximity
42.six lines per stanza
44.a group or individual used in drama to fill in the blanks or to add emphasis
45.the proper definition of a word
2.intentionally exaggerated
4.Wordsworth and Coleridge combine for an excellent book of verse. (2 words)
5.Rime is first published
6.A story framed within another (2 words)
7.Down dropt the breeze, the sails dropt down
8.an impossible melding of the senses
11.melodic or sonically pleasing sounds in close proximity
13.We were the first that ever burst (2 words)
15.five lines and no more
16.deliberate placement of terms for intended comparison
17.the "hero" of the piece
18.speech with an inanimate object
20."I am a-feared"--"Push on, push on!" (one line)
21.the evoked feeling of a word
22.Coleridge, Wordsworth and friends: the early romantics, lakes district (2 words)
27.umbrella term for figurative language
28.4 feet per line
29.an apprenticeship story, or coming of age
32."With their sweet jargoning!"
36.like a heartbeat: unstressed-stressed
37.a seemingly unlikely pairing that works
38.level of language
40."The Crown" a term used for the government
43.the feel of the piece
46.main idea or point to the piece

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