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Paper Mache

Naomi Steelman

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5.We tried __________ different methods to paper mache our pillars.
9.You can add this spice to a paper mache recipe to give it a pleasant scent.
10.McCallum and Hodson were the last ___________ manufacturers at the end of paper mache production.
11.A vegetable used for its purging action.
14.Invented a process that made paper mache as strong as wood.
15.If you don't add __________ a paper mache project may grow mold.
16.It is important to slightly ___________ the strips of paper to make a solid paper mache project.
19.Paper mache was used to make clocks here and considered a craft.
20.Was a company that use to produce decorated black enameled pieces that many treasure today.
23.Glue is placed in the paste to do what to it?
24.In theater paper mache is favorable becuase the objects made of it are _________ so they are easy to move.
25.She stirred up interest in people from Mexico about paper mache.
1.________ often used materials such as rags, tobacco leaves & Isinglass to make their pastes.
2.This country also had festivals related to paper mache
3.A substance secreted in sap of some plants & trees.
4.The country of origin of paper mache.
6.This was used to neutralize acidic pulps or repell insects in a paper mache paste.
7.Introduced paper Mache into America.
8.French for "chewed paper".
12.The manufacturing company that William Allgood started.
13.In Japan and Persia these kind of festivals were common.
17.This vegetable was used as an insect repellant.
18.To imitate the lacquered pieces from Japan.
21.If you cover and place paper mache paste in the _________, it will last a few days.
22.You can remove access paste from a strip of paper by running it between your ________ and forefinger.

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