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Third Quarter Crossword Puzzle

Reachel Lacson

1 2                         3  
5 6   7 8    
9                         10       11  
            13         14
  16               17                      
            20   21  
              22       23  
24 25 26 27     28                        
31         32    
37             38            

2.It refers with the standards rules and restriction dances that are common in Asian countries.
9.It is a fashionable short-lived ballroom dance of the present times.
11.It means "song" from the Japanese dance-drama.
12.He was the one who launched the ballet as a professional art.
13.It is the pattern of timing around which the dance movement is organized and related to the rhythm of the accompanying music.
16.Provides the forces needed to perform movement.
17.Traditional dance, a sign of ethnic identity in China.
19.It create organized pattern as the dancer use their bodies.
20.It means "dance" from the Japanese dance-drama.
22.It is part of cultural heritage of all people.
24.It means "skill" from the Japanese dance-drama.
28.It is the most important element in dance.
29.Dances adapted from various European influences since early 16th century.
30.It is one formed by group of people from different localities.
33.It simbolize good relationship to the family and happy life.
34.It refers to the visual pattern made by the movements of the dancer's body.
36.Dances of ethnic pagan origin.
37.It is a classical Japanese dance-drama.
38.It is a highly discipline and systematic dance.
39.It is also called street dance.
40.Honored as the national dance of the Philippines.
1.He is devoting himself to writing music when Martial Law imposed in 1972.
3.Dances from the mountain regions of northern Philippines.
4.It is a yogic breathing exercise.
5.Another term for popular dance.
6.It is a hand gesture from India.
7.They was a Filipino musical group, often called as the "Beatles of the
8.Costume for a ballet dancer.
10.Dances from the rich islands of Southern Philippines- Mindanao.
14.Form of dance against the formalism of the traditional ballet.
15.She was called as the "asia song bird" because of her extensive vocal range.
18.Known for his song "Anak".
21.It is a term for women's kabuki.
23.Highly traditional folk dance usually in religious nature created by people of certain localities.
25.Country where the ballet emerge.
26.They are the one who brought the Maria Clara suite in our country.
27.Another term for ballroom.
31.It is a term for men's kabuki.
32.Popping, breaking and _____________?
35.It is from French courts mainly to entertain guests.

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