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Literature Vocabulary

Mr. Frantz

This is a puzzle to help students study for their Literature Terms Benchmark Test.

1 2
6 7                          
      9       10    
11         12                        
14   15             16   17  
19                 20                    
    24           25    
26 27        

3.the position of the narrator in relation to the story
4.a character who is opposed to or struggles against another
7.giving clues to what will happen later in the story
9.a brief account giving the main points of something
11.writing arranged with a metrical rhythm; poetry
12.language not to be taken for what it means by definition
13.the leading character, hero, or heroine of a work
14.a person, animal, or object with a role in a story
19.a struggle between opposing forces
20.a work that is fact-based; a true story
21.descriptive language in a literary work that creates mental images
22.conversation between two characters
23.the actual meaning of the words
24.the time and place of the story
27.a prevailing atmosphere or feeling
28.the opposite of what you expect to happen
29.a unfying or dominant idea in a work. the idea the author is trying to convey
1.an extended speech by one character
2.the act of giving human qualities to inanimate objects
5.the art of dealing with the writing and production of plays
6.the attitude a writer takes toward the reader, subject, or character
8.a person, place, or object which stands for something beyond itself
10.an indirect reference to something familiar
13.a restatement of text in your own words to help clarify meaning
15.an extended metaphor. a story that represents another story
16.a play on words
17.a direct comparison between two unlike objects
18.the class of literature comprising of works of imagination; a made-up story
21.a phrase not to be taken literally
24.an indirect comparison using "like" or "as"
25.a class or catergory of work
26.the storyline, plan, scheme, or main story in a literary work

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