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PHYSIOLOGY PUZZLE[brainstem & thalamus]

Narra Uday Nag

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2.the tracts that passes through the pons ?
8.nerve that controls movement of tongue?
10.the abnormal attitude of hand in thalamic lesion is called_____?
13.the medial geniculate body of posterior group of nuclei recieve afferent fibres from_____?
18.midbrain is in between pons and ___________________?
19.the _________ nature is function of thalamus?
20.the nuclei that is present on medullary septum of thalamus is________?
21.the inferior colliculus is center for ____________ reflexes?
24.the centre for integration between body surface and senses is?
27.the septum that divides thalamus into 5 nuclear groups is?
31.thalamus is center determining the _____sensations?
32.the part of brainstem that forms main pathway for ascending and descending tracts of spinal cord?
33.part of midbrain comprising superior and inferior colliculi?
34.nerve that controls movements of shoulder?
35.number of decussations that take place in tegmentum?
37.the anterior nucleusof medial mass gives efferent fibres to_____?
38.the illusion felt by the patient that his limb is absent is called____?
39.the dorsomedial nucleus of medial mass recieve afferent fibres from___?
40.the ability to recognise known object by touch with closed eyes___?
1.the nucleus situated on medial surface of thalamus is__?
3.frontal peduncle contains which type of nerve fibres_______?
4.the center that regulates pharyngeal and esophageal stages of deglutition ?
5.the centroparietal peduncle contains_____nerve fibres?
6.slow writing and twisting movements is called as____?
7.chorea refers too which type of movements__?
9.red nucleus extends between superior colliculus and__________?
11.the nuclei that contain the second order neurons of vestibular nerveis____?
12.nerve that controls vital functions of body?
14.midline nuclei gives efferent fibres to_______?
15.the 4 groups of thalamic radiations are called_______?
16.the pigment cells of substantia nigra are rich in_______?
17.the discriminative nature is fonction of____?
22.the fibres that forms thalamic radiations pass through ______?
23.the lateral geniculate body gives efferent fibres to_____?
25.thalamic lesion occurs due to blockage of_____branch?
26.nucleus magnocellularis and nucleus__________forms red nucleus?
28.large ovoid mass of grey matter present bilaterally in diencephalon?
29.the peduncle that contains nerve fibres concerned with hearing____?
30.the peduncle that contains nerve fibres concerned with vision________?
36.the bridge between medulla and midbrain?

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