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Harry A. Holt (Social Studies)

1 2 3 4 5
6   7               8   9            
12                     13  
      14     15           16
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      21                 22  
26       27            
  29 30     31              
32                                   33  
  36         37             38
  40         41       42   43   44      
47           48                  
50   51                   52        
      53                 54                
        55                   56
59           60                        

6.a rock-like material made up of skeletons of tiny sea creatures, most plentiful in warm ocean water
8.an animal, such as a kangaroo, that carries its youg in a pouch
10.the Cambodian Communist party
11.a long period of dry weather
12.male ruler of an empire
15.a hot spring that shoots a jet of water and steam into the air
17.the total value of all good and services produced in an economy
19.made of soil deposited by rivers
20.poor nutrition caused by a lack of food or an unbalanced diet
21.a disputed region on the Mediterranean coast
23.farming that provides only enough food for a village
24.a disputed region on the western bank of the jorden River
25.able to supplyone's own needs without any outside assistance
27.a refusal to buy or use goods and services to show disapproval or bring about a change
28.the work people do for which they are paid
31.cloth made by weaving or by knitting
32.the spreading of ideas or practices fron one culture to other cultures
34.hugh food shortage
35.an area in which no weapons are allowed
37.a variation of a language that is unique to a reagion or an area
40.vast mostly level, treeless plains that are covered in grasses
44.a small coral island in the shape of a ring
45.identical or similar
46.a pilgrimage or journey to Mecca undertaken by Muslims during the month of hajj
48.relating to a government that controls a country's large industries, business, and land
49.money given by a government to assist a private company
50.a series of rulers from the same family
52.a long, narrow inlet or arm of the sea bordered by steep slopes created by glaciers
53.the average number of years a person is expected to live
55.a river that flows into a larger river
57.a group of islands
58.a cooperative settlement
59.a level field that is flooded to grow rice, especially in Asia
60.a large landmass that is a major part of a continent
1.an empire that included much of present-day Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and part of Laos
2.the watering of crops using canals and other artificial
3.a cease-fire agreement
4.the holy book of Islam
5.a raised area of level land bordered by steep slopes or cliffs
7.a period during which an economy and the business that support it shrink, or make less money
9.groups of students who carried out Mao Zedong's polices during the Culture Revolution
13.a person who is devoted to the interests of his or her country
14.an economic system in which people can choose their own jobs, start private businesses, own property, and make a profit
16.a territory ruled by another nation
18.raising crops and livestock for sale on the local market
22.an oily liquid formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals
26.the average number of people living in a square mile
29.a worldwide effort to increase food production in developing countries
30.the number of live births each year per 1,000 people
33.a place wherw people convicted of crimes sent
36.an area in a desert region where fresh water is usually available from an underground spring or well
38.to add variety
39.a crop that is raised or gathered to be sold for money
41.a group of people who share such characteristics as language, religion, and ancestry
42.the percentage of a population age 15 and over that can read and write
43.a community in which people own land as a group and where they live and work together
51.a person who has no settled home but who moves from place to place
54.a group of families with a common ancestor
56.a social group into which people are born and which they cannot change

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