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River Dynasties in China

Belle Chow, Stephanie Chen, David Kang

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5                   6
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4.Supreme god of the Shang (2 Words)
5.Political system where nobles are granted the use of lands that legally belong to the king
8.Pattern of rise, decline, and replacement of dynasties (2 Words)
10.Dynasty that overthrew the Shang
11.Means Yellow River (2 Words)
13.Animal bones and tortoise shells where priests scratched questions for gods (2 Words)
15.Fertile soil
16.Capital of China
17.One of the capitals of the Shang dynasty
1.First dynasty of China
2.When a wicked ruler loses this, they lose the right to rule (3 Words)
3.Aide of the Zhou leader who conquered Shang (3 Words)
6.A desert in western China
7.Mountain chain separating India and the Plateau of Tibet
9.Also known as the Chang Jiang
12.Ruling class that owned the land
14.Where few members of the Zhou dynasty set as a new capital
18.Leader of the Xia Dynasty

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