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Delta Communicator - Jan/Feb 2013

UFS Crossword Puzzle

1 2 3
  4   5   6
7       8 9 10                    
        11           12
14                                   15   16    
                  17 18    
          19                           20    
22           23             24        
  27                       28  

10.USS Hyperion Commanding Officer
14.USS Republic Commanding Officer
19.Officer in Charge 158th Marine Detachment
22.Chief of UF Starfleet Communications
25.Chief Medical Officer of the USS Veracruz
26.Fleet Admiral
27.Head of PR/Marketing
29.Chief Operations Officer on the USS Veracruz
30.USS Talisman Commanding Officer
1.What rank is Hidalgo Dorchester
2.Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
3.Director UF Starfleet Personnel
4.USS Banshee Commanding Officer
5.Rank of Isaque Dingson
6.Chief of Staff to the Commander
7.USS Rodger Young Commanding Officer
8.Director of Promotions and Awards
9.Assistant Chief Science Officer on the USS Veracruz
11.Commanding Officer of the Astraios Colony
12.Inspector General
13.Deputy Director of UFS Personnel & UFS Academy Vice Commandant
15.Branch Commander of SS Nimbus
16.What rank is UFSMC Kimberly Hoffman
17.Chief of Staff
18.What rank is Galia Iadyl
20.Chief Medical Officer on the SS Alexandria
21.Diplomatic Liaison at Astraios Colony
23.On what ship is Lieutenant (JG) grahamkitt Resident an Operations Officer
24.USS Talisman Commanding Officer
28.What rank is UFSMC Penney Lancaster

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