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Michele Greenberg

American History Topics

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1.Who got the right to vote in 1920?
3.What kind of government is the United States
9.Who got arrested for refusing to give up her seat on the bus?
10.Why did the U.S. enter World War II?
11.What is Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous line
13.Number of branches in the United States government
14.Who was President during World War II?
15.Hitler was the leader of what party?
2.What document freed the slaves?
4.What war ended in 1975?
5.What were shanty towns from the Great Depression nicknamed?
6.Who was the 16th President?
7.Current President of the U.S.
8.What happened to cause the start of the Great Depression?
12.What famous Jew was hidden in the attic during World War II

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