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Japanese food

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1.consists of a certain meat that is skewered together.
4.This food consists of two rice balls placed on top of a ornamental piece. used to celebrate the new year.
5.used to commemorate the new years, usually descernable by its easily recognized outer box.
6.a noodle dish made of fried pork, seafood, and lard.
8.This food consists of a mix of red beans and rice pounded into a ball.
9.thin slices of meat that are dipped into shallow pot of boiling oil or water in order to be cooked.
13.a pancakish food topped usually with spring onion, meat, or seafood. Literally means "grill as you like" in japanese.
1.fried noodles usually mixed with cabbage or pork as well as a japanese mayonaise topping
2.consists of a rice bowl topped with raw meat and garnishes, though it has no set ingredients. It is traditionally eaten during the girls day festival
3.food deep fried after being coated with eggs, water, and wheat flour
7.thich buckwheat noodles served as chilled or served steaming hot in a hot broth. traditionally eaten on new years.
10.pinkish rice with red beans mixed inside of it.
11.This food consists of rice pressed into a ball. A variant of this used in new years celebration.
12.traditional japanese alcoholic beverage, made with rice.

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