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1."To be for the _____" means to be boring or foolish.
5."To be _____ in one's boots" means to be very frightened.
6."ASAP" means "as soon as _____."
8.To get one's _____ in a row" means to get organised.
10."To be a dime a _____" means to be so common as to have little value.
11."Birds of a _____ flock together" means people who are similar tend to be friends.
13."To crack _____ up" means to make someone laugh.
14."To be like _____ paint dry" means to be very boring.
16."To wear your _____ face" means to concentrate seriously before doing something important.
17."To let the cat out of the _____" means to reveal a secret.
18."To tie the _____" means to get married.
19."To call the _____" means to make all the decisions.
20."To be a _____" means to hate Christmas.
21."To be over the _____" means to be very happy.
22."When pigs _____" means I don't think it will ever happen.
2."To be a _____" means to be punished for something someone else did.
3."To have other ____ to fry" means to have more important things to do.
4."To go for _____" means to risk everything.
7."To be a _____" means to be left-handed.
9."The _____ and the stick" mean positive and negative incentives.
11."To be a _____" means to seem like a friend but really be an enemy.
12."To throw your _____ around" means to use your power irresponsibly.
15."To be _____ pearls before swine" means to offer something to someone who cannot appreciate its value.
17."A bird in the hand is worth two in the _____" means a sure thing is better than a chance to get something better.
19."To _____ the deck" means to cheat.

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