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1 2
3               4           5
    6                 7
9 10               11                
13                   14 15         16    
17                   18   19    
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25                           26    
      28     29    

3.A molecule made of amino acids.
6.A Structure that is no longer used but is still in the body.
8.A type of Primate that does not have a tail.
10.Two or more atoms put together to form something completely different.
11.One of two or more molecules in a chemical equation that makes the final product.
13.The putting together of two molecules to form a new molecule and a water molecule.
15.A nearly weightless subatomic particle that has a negative charge.
17.A type of Stem Cell that can become anything except a placetna.
20.A person who studies fossils.
25.A ball of about 100 cells with a inner cell mass in the center of totipotent cells.
26.Fertilization that is created in a lab.
27.Sugars with more than two molecules
31.An Embryo at about 5-8 weeks.
32.the splitting of a molecule to put the water back in.
33.A subatomic particle that has no charge.
1.Structures that are similar in function but not shape.
2.Walking on two feet.
5.walking on four feet.
7.A certain type of atom based on the amount of Protons it has.
9.The screening of an embryo for mutations before it is inserted into a uterus.
12.A structure that is similar in structure and function as it was in its ancestors.
14.Sugars with only one molecule
16.Testing Isotopes half-lives to determine the age of a fossil or rock.
18.A type of Stem Cells that can be anything including a placenta.
19.Cells that have yet to determine what it will be.
21.A type of molecule with a 2:1 carbon to hydrogen ratio.
22.A organisms first stage of development.
23.Sugars with two molecules
24.The time it takes for an isotope to decay to half of its original amount.
27.The end result of a chemical equation.
28.An atom that has one or more, more neutrons than Protons.
29.A subatomic particle that has a positive charge.
30.The basic structure of everything.

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