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Cocaine & Heroin


1               2     3 4
5       6        
7               8   9 10                         11
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39             40                
42             43                

1.Coca Cola
2.Man died seven years after heavy use of morphine cocaine for a type of injury
6.German pharmaceutical company using cocaine
7.Infection of outer lining of the heart
10.Founder of the most popular soft drink in history (2 Words)
12.Visual or auditory experiences that do not exist
13.Type of infection
14.First man known for experiencing delusions of something crawling under skin
18.A remedy for morphine addiction suffered by whom (3 Words)
20.Infection of heart lining and valves
24.Scratching like a cat
26.Low priced high quality heroin continues to increase in this part of the country
28.Sores on the skin
29.Freud quit using cocaine after a really bad surgery while under influence (2 Words)
30.Gender prone to increase in use of heroin
33.Processed from morphine
34.One of the first medical procedures that used cocaine (2 Words)
35.Between 1988 and 1994 heroin ED episodes increased by this percent
36.A type of drink known to prolong life and laced with cocaine years ago
39.A shift in heroin injected to a different method
40.A type of brain receptor we have that recognizes morphine as safe
42.Your looking rosy on that stuff
43.US General Surgeon did not believe there was such a thing
1.Heroin crosses this barrier (2 Words)
3.You need water (2 Words)
4.Freud used cocaine so he could gain something
5.Kicking big time
6.For fatigue of mind and body (3 Words)
8.Instantaneous cure (2 Words)
9.Most potent form power for glamorizing drugs and alcohol
11.What cocaine does to blood vessels
15.An increase in this type of heroin use
16.World famous psychologist
17.False or unrealistic beliefs occur with habitual cocaine users
19.Freud could not marry unless he had this
21.Habitual cocaine coined this phrase (2 Words)
22.Blood tunnels collapse
23.You got the flu
25.The coca leaves were used by natives of this region (2 Words)
27.US General Surgeon recommended using cocaine for this problem
28.Stiff joints and other bone pain
31.The largest group of users (2 Words)
32.US pharmaceutical company using cocaine (2 Words)
37.The physician that used cocaine in eye surgery
38.Medicine that invigorates or strengthens
41.Alcohol beverage laced with cocaine

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