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Human Digestion

Huff Puff

Edexcel IGCSE Level

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3.Undigested material that remains after digestion of food in humans
7.Releasing chemicals that have been made inside the cell into the fluid outside the cell
9.The various processes by which food that has been digested and absorbed is then used in the body
10.A substance made in the liver from the breakdown of amino acids not required by the body
11.The enzyme that breaks down sucrose into simple sugars
12.The enzymes that break down lipids
13.The breakdown of large food pieces, such as by chewing in the mouth
17.The taking in of food into the alimentary canal
19.Nutrients needed by the body in tiny amounts to remain healthy.
20.Tiny finger-like extensions of the cell membrane of the surface cells of villi
21.The enzyme that breaks down maltose to simple sugars like glucose
22.The plant material that is difficult to digest and keeps the food in the alimentary canal soft and bulky, aiding peristalsis
1.A liquid produced by the liver, stored in the gall bladder, which is highly alkaline and emulsifies lipids
2.The acid that is secreted by special cells in the lining of the stomach
4.The breakdown of large molecules into smaller ones using enzymes
5.The enzymes that break down proteins
6.Contractions in the wall of the alimentary canal that pushes food along
8.Products of a chemical reaction that are not needed
14.The enzyme that breaks down starch to maltose or sucrose
15.Nutrient ions that plants and animals need in small amounts
16.Finger-like projections of the small intestine wall where absorption of digested food molecules occurs
18.To break up the large droplets of a lipid in an aqueous (watery) solution into smaller droplets

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