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Latin Root Words (JECT)=to throw, (PED)=foot, (SPEC)to look, (DICT) to speak, (MANU)=Hand.

Mrs. Tirado Grade 6

Directions: Students will read the clues below and determine which latin word best fits.

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2.a person who watches something
4.a decision made by ajury
7.a handbook of directions
9.to throw
13.careful to look at all possiblilites before acting
15.a shot; the "throwing" of medicine into the body by a needle
17.a judge's ruling
18.to look at carefully in search of flaws
21.one way of looking at things
24.looking into one's own thoughts and feelings
27.formal words spoken by an official charging a person with a crime
28.to skillfully operate by hand
29.a creature with two feet
30.to throw something out because it's defective and can't be used again
1.the curved path of an object thrown into space
3.a person who goes from door to door on foot trying to sell a product
5.to throw goods overboard to lighten the load on a boat or aiprlane
6.to skillfully go around something
8.to throw out
10.a word thrown into a sentence or conversation
11.looking back at past things
12.to feel sad; to feel low in spirit
13.to speak against; to say the opposite
14.the manner in which something is expressed in words
16.something that stands in one's way; an obstacle
19.what is written down as someone says it
20.an order or command
21.an object thrown into the air with great force
22.to set free; to lend a hand in freeing someone
23.a machine that throws an image onto a wall
25.to say what will happen before it actually occurs
26.to throw oneself under someone else's rule

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