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X-Word Puzzle

Noah Maschan

Intensive English A4 Rogers

2 3  
    4 5  
6           7       8              
    9 10 11      
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  25     26         27

6.A surgeon needs to have ______ to be able to fix problems.
7.Old people don't understand the internet, so they use ________s.
12.The _____ glances kept the detective on edge.
14.It is not _____ to steal someone's identity.
17.The debate on abortions is a ______ topic.
18.The Ewell's household was ______ and had a stench from a mile away.
19.It would be an ________ if my dog didn't attack the mailman.
22.The prisoner held a ______ stare at the guard through his cell window.
24.John _______ed the police by having his friend distract them.
25.Due to the taxi driver's _____ driving, I puked.
28.The goal of the war was to ______ the city of Troy.
29.The parents were relieved to find their house _____ when they got home.
30.______ is similar to Feudalism.
1.Some people show a _______ towards Muslims because of their beliefs.
2.To _____ his sister, John cleaned the mess he made in her room.
3.The battle of Troy had ended in a ____ for the Trojans.
4.The actor created a _____ to share his life stories with his fans.
5.Having a computer in a movie staged in 1863 would be an ______.
8.To thank the soldier and his family, the military lead a ceremony to ______ him.
9.My family has ________ feelings about drinking and driving.
10.The _______ species on the Galapagos islands include the the reptiles and birds.
11.The player questioned if his opponent's play was _______.
13.I received an _______ amount of homework from math class today.
15.The turn-out for the school meeting showed an ______ start to the year.
16.The patient had an _____ concussion.
20.The ______ took power of the nation to "Lead them through war".
21.Jim had the ______ to tell the teacher he was wrong.
23.The accident was ______ to a murder, which helped the police find the suspect.
26.At the _____ of the iPhone, some people found it hard to use the touch screen.
27.Bob went on a ______ and started talking about the thrill of boating.

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