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Louise Martin

By: Kenji De Lara

1 2
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4.usually grouped under the name of mygalomorph
6.an animal that is hunted for food
7.a scientific term meaning type or kind
9.active at night
12.use their mouthpieces to suck their juices
13.they get their name from the city of taranto in italy
14.a wild dance believed to cure victims of tarantula bites
16.in north america these wasps are often because they prey heavily on tarantulas
19.a disease that makes people very sad
20.they are huge and hairy spiders with large bodies and strong legs
1.with red spots on the legs is often kept as a pet
2.sometimes enter the burrows to attack the spiders
3.include bird eating spiders, funnel web spiders and trapdoor spiders, as well as the hairy north american tarantulas
5.to shed an outer layer of skin or hair
8.an animal that hunts other for food
10.the attacking wasp must be very careful
11.have found that these large south american tarantulas prefer to eat animals when it captivity
15.to make a person or animal unable to move
17.most dangerous enemies are spider hunting wasps

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