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George H. W. Bush

By: Mary Michael Webb

Created on www.armoredpenguin.com

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6.Bush's wife
7.Bush earned the Distinguished_________________Cross award after the navy.
9.What is Bush's middle name?
12.Bush served as Reagan's VP for how many years? (Spell out number)
13.Bush Sr. Worked at the Central__________Agency
14.Where in Massachusetts was Bush born?
15.Bush ran for a second term against which democratic candidate?
17.Bush declared war 42 days after which invasion?
18.Bush was born in this year
1.Bush created this oil company
2.Bush enforced the Americans with ____________ Act
3.What section of the military did Bush enter in to?
4.Bush served as a vice president to who?
5.Ambassador to ________Nations
8.Where did Bush go to college?
10.Bush played this sport at yale
11.Bush's father, Prescott, was a senator from this state
16.What number president was George H. W. Bush? (Spell out number)

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