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The Tempest

Georgina Giles

Simple crossword puzzle based on Shakespeare's play The Tempest

1       2
4           5  
7 8 9  
10       11     12            
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      19   20            
24             25      

1.Sycorax trapped Ariel in one
4.Prospero summons these to entertain Miranda and Ferdinand
6.The person in charge of a ship
10.Prospero makes both Ferdinand and Caliban carry this
12.Ariel is always asking Prospero to give him this
13.A drunken butler
14.Modern country where you can find Milan and Naples
16.Prince who fall in love at first sight with Miranda
17.Antonio encourages Sebastian to __________ his brother.
19.What Stephano gives to Caliban
22.Kind old man who put supplies in Prospero's boat
24.The wizard's daughter
25.Caliban tells Stephano that he can become ____________ of the island if he kills Prospero.
26.The number of years that Prospero and Miranda have been on the island
1.Place in North Africa where Alonso's daughter was married
2.Another word for a storm
3.Magical spirit
5.The author of the play
7.Prospero and his daughter were put on this and sent away from Milan
8.The water around the island
9.The wizard who rules the island
11.What Prospero calls the place where he studies
13.The witch who gave birth to a monster
15.A drunken jester
17.Prospero learned this from studying books
18.Prospero used to have this title in Milan
19.Prospero's brother
20.Monster who was born on the island
21.Where the action of the play takes place
23.Alonso is king of this place

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