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1 2     3 4
  6               7  
8   9   10         11  
        16       17              
  18         19            
23 24               25  

1.for fat digestion
6.most abundant fibrous protein
10.vital to body functioning in ionic form
13.numaer of molecules in a substances in a given volume of space
14.neutralizes the acidic pH of the chime to basic
15.composed of fatty acid and glycerol
16.transport fatty acid and cholesterol in the blood stream
18.storage polysaccharide foungd in plants
20.a tissue composed of cells called nuerons
21.smallest living unit
22.substances that increases the rate of a chemicl reaction without becoming a part of the product.
24.disarm dangerous chemicals in the cell
26.where atp is produced
27.muscular distensible sac
28.cells that ris to a new individual
29.component of protein of nucleic acid
2.stimulate the production of glucagons
3.tiny finger like protection in the wall of the small intestinep
4.cell drinking to an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration
5.chemical reaction necessary to maintain life
7.openings in the gastric lining where gastric juices and enzymes comes out
8.fluid portion of the nucleus
9.study of disease
11.fluid that bathes the exterior portion of the cell
12.protein digesting enzyme
14.breakdown product of cholesterol that is released by the liver
17.gland lying crosswisew in the abdomen just below the liver
19.acts on the liver causing it realease glucose in the blood
23.when the hypothesis has been proven to be righ
24.for partial digestion of carbohydrates
25.frequent passage of unformed stool

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