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Rock and Roll Review

Mrs. Wuchter

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2.What other name did David Bowie go by in 1972?
4.What band tried to sign Fleetwood Mac to their label before Mac signed to Warner Brothers?
5.What was the name of Journey's album that was their biggest success to date?
6.What was the name of Bowie's big UK Top 10 hit that launched his career?
9.What was the name of Kansas' 1976 hit album?
12.Who was the lyricist that Elton John worked with?
13.What is the name of the American Punk band that really only became popular after they broke up?
16.What was the name of the song that David Bowie released with the band Queen?
20.What song made Elton John popular?
21.Who is known as San Francisco's own Southern Rockers?
22.Name of Elton John's 1975 album which was the first album to ever debut at #1?
26.What was the name of Rod Stewart's cover album released in 1998?
27.What was the name of the debut album put out by the Clash in 1977?
28.What was the name of Fleetwood Mac's 1975 debut album that reached #1?
29.What record company did the Talking Heads sign with?
30.What was the name of the club that Clapton and the Yardbirds played at?
1.Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker formed this band in 1966.
3.What was the original name of the group that would go on to be Journey?
7.What is the name of hte first major British punk band that formed in 1975?
8.Rock and Roll is made up of R&B, Pop and what other type of music?
10.What was the name of Journey's first platinum single?
11.The Steve Miller band is a rotation of musicians based around what singer guitarist?
14.What wa the name of the blues/rock band that formed in 1969?
15.What was the name of The Steve Miller Band's1968 debut album?
17.Who was born in Ripley England on March 30, 1945?
18.What was one characteristic that cut through all music of the 1970s?
19.What is it called when a radio show programs music and ads for a specific audience?
23.What was the name of the first band that Eric Clapton was in?
24.Who was one of the most commercially successful bands of the late 70s-80s?
25.What number one single made the Doobie Brothers the top touring acts of the mid-70s?

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