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    10             11  
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1.A small hole within the lens that allows light to enter.
5.A photograph consisting of only the shades, tints, and tones of one hue.
7.A style of photography that shows the path of a moving light (2 Words)
8.Compositional idea that main object occupy a large part of the photograph (3 Words)
10.Camera setting that allows for slightly more control than 'Automatic'
13.An orientation of the photograph that is vertical
14.A camera setting that ensures a photograph will match existing light (2 Words)
16.A Photoshop tool that allows user to select certain pixels
17.The adjustment that sets the sharpness of a photograph
18.Colors that are across from each other on the color wheel
22.A light style with deep shadows and bright highlights (2 Words)
23.The area in the front of the photograph
25.An orientation of the photograph that is horizontal
26.A visual representation of the distribution of colors in a photograph (levels)
2.Swinging the camera horizontally as the photo is exposed, causing a moving object to 'stop' while blurring the background
3.Compositional idea that important elements be placed along imaginary lines (3 Words)
4.A mechanical device that triggers the camera to allow light to hit the sensor (2 Words)
6.When two objects in a photograph come together in an undesirable way
9.Refers to the removal of the outer parts of an image to improve framing
11.A layout of multiple photographs on one piece of paper (2 Words)
12.The distance in a photograph that is in acceptably sharp focus (3 Words)
15.A quick exposure that will freeze all movements (2 Words)
19.In order to capture most movement in photography, you must increase the camera's _________________ time
20.A long enough exposure that will blur objects that are moving (2 Words)
21.The area in the rear of the photograph
24.All cameras bodies are a ________ box

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