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Mr. Walters

Ceramics Vocabulary

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1.Rolling clay uot into flat pieces.
7.A technique using pinching motions.
10.Using a toothbrush to rough up the clay surface
12.A type of Relief (when you remove clay)
13.A method of removing air bubbles from clay.
14.A glass like finish that adds strength , beauty, and makes it waterproof.
16.The bottom piece of clay that is used as support.
17.A type of Relief (when you add clay)
18.Another word for shiney
2.Use to apply the glaze on our projects.
3.Another word for dull glaze. (Has no shine to it.)
4.Very wet and slippery clay.
5.Clay the is so dry it turns white.
6.Tiny pieces of fired clay that is put back into mosit clay to strenghten it.
8.The ability to change the shape of clay and hold its shape.
9.Moist clay that has been shaped, but not dry.
11.Rolling clay up like a rope
15.We slip and score these on to our coffe mugs.

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