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Taking Care of Yourself pages 88-89

Afternoon Class 01/14/2013

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    4 5        
    6   7              
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1.The athletes are ___ and in ___.
5.I used to ___ size my meal at McDonald's.
6.You should drink alcohol in ___.
9.My ___ is high, so I need to watch what I eat.
10.I try to be ___ by exercising 3x a week.
12.I am ___ on Sunday evenings when I rent a movie.
15.Too much beer could give you a beer ___.
16.My ___ is normal, but sometimes I can eat a lot.
17.He ___ and ___ which means he eats a lot and then throws up.
21.NYC ___ trans fat in 2007.
22.She is ___ because she barely eats and thinks she is over___.
1.He changed from ___ to ___ after taking the diet pills.
2.Very underweight means ___ and ___.
3.He is ___ because he eats and then vomits.
4.Potatoes and rice are ___.
7.___ pills, drinks and food are a ___ business in the U.S.
8.If you are ___ thin, then you are very thin.
11.Morgan Spurlock eats McDonald's for ___ days.
13.He eats fast food ___ly, so he has gained weight.
14.___ is the synonym of oily.
18.Steaks, beans and cheese have ___.
19.Whiskey and rum are ___ liquor.
20.___ fat is also called saturated fat.

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