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Mammals and Reptiles

Caley May Franken

We will name different animals according to weather they are mammals (warm blooded) or Reptiles (cold blooded)

1 2      
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2.This animal can fly
3.This animal is long and thin and many people are affraid of it
4.many people have this animal as a pet
5.This animal has very sharp teeth and lives in the jungle
6.This is a cold blooded animal that can jump
8.This is the fastest animal
10.This animal barks a lot
12.This animal is king of the jungle
13.This animal lives in water
14.This animal has black and white stripes
15.Many people eat this animal, but we also find it as a pet
16.this animal likes to play in the trees and eat banannas
17.This animal is dangerous and lives in the ocean
1.This is a big bird that can not fly
2.This animal is very big, it lives in the jungle and eats fish
4.This animal lies in the sun to get warm and is very dangerous
7.This animal has a very long neck
9.this animal has a very long trunk
11.This animal is friendly this animal lives in the ocean
16.This animal loves to eat cheese

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