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Rome list #1 Vocab Crossword

Matt Z

1 2
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9               10
        12 13
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3.In ancient Rome, a political leader given absolute power to make laws and command the army for a limited time.
6.Southern Italy Punic War battle Hannibal that was Rome’s greatest defeat (3 Words)
7.She represented Roman honor, virtue and everything good about Roman women. She was raped by Tarquin's son, and he threatened to kill her if she told anyone. She killed herself as a result, causing the Romans to rebel against the Etruscans, freeing themselves from their Etruscan overlords.
9.Plain in central Italy that Rome was built on
11.City located in present-day Tunisia, founded by Phoenicians ca. 800 B.C.E. It became a major commercial center and naval power in the western Mediterranean until defeated by Rome in the third century B.C.E. (p. 107)
14.a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them
19.Concept in law of making a judgment based on principles established by decisions made in previous cases (2 Words)
21.Mythological founder of Rome, circa 753 B.C.
24.Umbrella term for assemblies of Plebeians that served as their representative units in the Roman Republic
25.Main legislative (law-making) of the Roman Republic; holder of the Imperium; of elder aristocrats (sometimes some powerful Plebeians)
26.Greatest Carthaginian general; invaded Italy; crushed many Roman armies
27.Bundle of rods bound around an ax symbolizing authority
28.traditional date for the founding of Rome
1.people from the Po River valley. They sacked Rome. Romans had to pay them to leave
2."I Forbid"
4.Original written law code established in 450 BCE; became the foundation of Roman law (3 Words)
5.a confederation of Latin cities neighboring Rome; each member held equal rights in the coalition. Rome conquered them and broke them up. (2 Words)
8.Epic struggle from 264-146 BCE between Rome and Carthage for control of the Mediterranean world (2 Words)
10.Climactic Northern Africa Punic War battle at which Scipio’s Romans lay ultimate defeat on Hannibal and his Carthaginians (3 Words)
12.Position of executive leadership held for a year at a time; two (2) chosen by the Senate; both military and political leaders
13.Leadership position, 10 chosen by Plebeians to check power of Senate; could veto laws
15.Class of commoner Roman citizens, majority of population, did most of the work
16.Elite class of hereditary land-owners, nobility of Rome, held most power
17.Senatus Populus que Romanus
20.Beginning in the 700s BCE,first rulers of Roman Republic and Empire; Laid the foundation for Rome and Roman civilization
22.Brilliant Roman leader who crafted strategy to finally defeat Hannibal
23.Founding of Roman Republic (Romans drove out Etruscan ruler)

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