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Word of the Day Review

Miss Greene

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4.Paul's information ____________ Shanna's fear that the student council wanted to impeach her.
5.Shanna thought that getting an A on her first test was an __________ start to the school year.
9.Unfortunately, George ate cabbage for lunch, which _______ the gas in his stomach.
11.Marisol was ______ after receiving a rejection letter from her number one choice for college.
12.Ashley was engaging in an act of ________ when she told Shanna she didn't think Derek was hot . . . because she does.
14.George __________ an excuse for missing choir practice because he couldn't tell the teacher he didn't feel like going.
17.As senior class president, Shanna is at the top of the student government ______; the vice president, treasurer, and secretary all report to her.
19.A bit of of _______, Shanna avoids going into stores displaying breakables because she knows she's liable to knock something over.
22.Willow was __________ agains't going to the prom----not because she didn't believe in proms but because she didn't have a date.
24.Josh showed a shred of ______ when he gave Timmy a ride home during the rainstorm.
25.It's true that George was being ________ in his job duties at the supermarket. It is also true that he scored a cute girl's number instead of working.
26.After being pulled over for speeding, Paul chose to _______ the officer's advice and drive at the speed limit.
27.Since the football players didn't even have a ________ of respect for the cheerleaders, Ashley, the head cheerleader, organized a boycott of the next football game.
28.Paul ____ a laugh when he saw the bald principal chasing his toupee in the wind across the school parking lot.
29.Chantalle wanted to barf as the __________ words came out of her mouth, but she really needed to butter up her math teacher in order to get a good grade.
1.The seniors are always ____________ to the freshmen because they think they know more than the freshmen do.
2.The history teacher began class with a __________ statement about World War II in order to begin a debate in class.
3.George couldn't believe that Shanna called him ______; he belched only once during lunch.
6.George's _____ to butter up his teacher so that she'd forget about all the missing homework and give him an A was unsuccessful.
7.Shanna wondered if her two hour valedictory speech was going to be a bit ________.
8.Derek's mom told him to turn down his ___________ music.
9.Although she didn't know him well, Willow wrote an extensive ______ for the caterpillar she accidentally squashed on the way to school.
10.Shanna is ________ about using student funds to either buy some teen fiction for the library or throw a rockin' senior dance.
13.Marisol was a bit ________ at the start of the dance but later felt free enough to dance on top of a table.
15.Some guys act _________ around a girl they like in order to seem cool.
16.Derek would not sacrifice the quality of his band's music just to _______ the release of their first single.
18.The principal, tired of the _________ attitude of the students, suspended the call for school uniforms.
20.George said he had the _______ to go cliff diving, but nobody believed him.
21.The homecoming game ended in _______ after a few of the visiting team members started name-calling on the court.
23.Marisol marveled at the _____ movements of the ballerina onstage at the ballet.

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