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Rome list #2 Vocab Crossword

Matt Z

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2.The term used to refer to the authority to rule Rome; held officially by the Senate, could be transferred to dictators
4.Arcade structure built by Romans to convey water long distance
6.A number of states or persons in compact or league with each other, as for mutual aid.
8.a Roman outdoor arena in which public games, such as chariot races, were held (2 Words)
11.Spiked plank that enabled Romans to board ship-to-ship; AKA “crow”
12.Passageway created by extending out and arch, like a half-pipe with straight sides (2 Words)
14.Large open space created by intersection of barrel vaults (2 Words)
15.Last of the Ptolemaic Dynasty that ruled Egypt; hooked up with Julius Ceasar, then his buddy Mark Antony in losing side of Roman civil war)
19.Majestic, half-sphere crowned, open space created by building the structure of a flattened arch spun 180 degrees
20.part of first Triumvirate; Roman general and statesman who quarreled with Caesar and and was forced to flee with his army to Egypt (after the battle of Pharsalus) where he was murdered (106-48 BC)
22.Another title taken by Augustus meaning “first among equals” that cleverly elevated his status, lowered senators’ status, and avoided the toxic label of ‘king’
23.Large hall of multiple groin and barrel vaults used for governmental or religious purposes like law courts
24.Political alliance of Pompey, Crassus, and later, Julius Caesar that used military power and populist appeal to seize power and rule Rome, thought their rivalries with one another led to civil war (2 Words)
1.Inverted trapezoidal block at apex of archway that redirects downward weight to each side, helping to create a strong opening
3.Literally “Roman Peace” referring to the years 29 BCE to 180 BCE that were a period of peace, security, stability, and prosperity for a mighty and expansive Roman Empire (2 Words)
4.Title and name (“Exalted/Revered/Venerated/Great One”) bestowed by Senate upon Octavian in 27 BCE in recognition of his status as unrivaled ruler
5.Strong archway that is exit mouth of Roman drainage system into Tiber River, literally “main drain” (2 Words)
7.Roman general who as consul professionalized the military starting in 107 BCE, inviting in the landless poor, offering land for service, shifting loyalty from Rome the idea to generals as powerful patrons; seen as promoting interests of Plebeians
9.Alliance of Julius Caesar supporters Marcus Lepidus, Octavian, Mark Antony that first defeat Julius Caeser enemies then fight one another, with Octavian emerging victorious as sole ruler in 31 BCE (2 Words)
10.Circular opening at top of Pantheon, let in light; literally “the eye”
13.Wall of arched openings created by setting arches side-by-side
16.A circular temple at Rome with a fine Corinthian portico and a great domed roof
17.Title taken by Augustus as ‘commander-in-chief’ of Roman military, making clear his position as sole ruler; basis of term ‘emperor’
18.Roman general, rival of Marius, represented Patrician interests, seized control of Rome and ruled as Dictator for three years
21.major Ancient Roman arena where gladiator fights were held; blue print for modern day stadiums

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