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Health Ch. 1 Word Search

Mr. Elmer


1                   2   3   4
  5           6  
8           9                  

1.A persons capacity to learn about and understand basic health information and services and use these resources to promote his or her health and wellness. (2 Words)
5.People of similar age that share similar interests.
8.The providing of accurate health infromation to help people make healthy choices. (2 Words)
12.A deliberate decision to avoid harmful behaviors, including sexual activity before marriage and the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.
13.The collective beliefs, customs, and bahviors of a group.
1.The combination of physical, mental/emotional and social well-being.
2.Actions that can potentially threaten your health or the health of others. (2 Words)
3.Related risks that increase in effect with each added risk. (2 Words)
4.A nationwide health promotion and desease prevention plan designed to serve as a guide for improving the health of all the people in the United States (3 Words)
6.Practicing health and safety habits to remain free of disease and injury.
7.An overall state of well-being or total health .
9.The sum of your surroundings.
10.The various methods of communicating information.
11.All the traits that are passed genetically from parents to thier children.

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