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World Religion

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4.Christian holy book
6.The holy book of Islam
7.Christians believe God is Loving and _____
10.Islamic practice of defending the faith
14.According to the Jews, nobody can love god without first loving your _____
15.Muslims are not allowed to consume this
17.Jesus' profession
19.Jewish and Romans saw Jesus as a _____
20.Servants and peasants in the Caste System
21.Is the prophet of Allah
27.Home town of Muhammad
29.Islam started on this penisula
30.Times of Muslim daily prayer
32.Rebirth over lifetimes
33.This is what Buddhist believe is the cause of all pain
35.Siddhartha Guatama was born here
36.Many believed Jesus was the _____ come to deliver man from evil
37.The oldest major religion
38.The age Jesus became a preacher
42.The Hindu priest class in the Caste System
43.The one true god according to Muhammad
44.The angel that gave Muhammad
45.Buddha means "_____ One"
48.Buddha introduced the Four_____ Truths
53.What most Muslims speak
54.Hindus believe you should not chase after _____ goods
56.This patrol looks for people who are breaking Sharia Law
57.Muslim holy temple
58.Where Buddhist strive to reach
59.The first Jewish prophet
1.Muslims are not allowed to eat this meat
2.Siddhartha meditates under one of these for 49 days
3._____ Guatama was the first Buddha
5.Where Jesus was born
6.THe belief that all good and bad actions effect you in the next life
8.Muslims believe in the Five _____ of Islam
9.The harsh fundamentalist rulers of Afghanistan before the US invasion
11.Moses introduced the 10 _____
12.Hinduism believes in many gods, which makes them _____
13.Christians believe he is the son of God
16.The Jews were exiled from here
18.This was the royal title held by Siddhartha Guatama
22.Muslim holy pilgrimage
23.The goal of Hinduism
24.Muslims believe in giving this to the poor
25.Muhammad's wife owned this kind of business
26.The bottom of the Caste System
28.Traveled to Asia, conquered it and brought their cultures
31.The Buddhist believe in Right _____ Samma Vaca
34.The laws that dictate daily Muslim life
39.Every Hindu has a duty or obligation to their Caste
40.Nomads established this kingdom in 180 BC
41.Christianity began here
46.The story of Christianity is told in the _____
47.Buddhist believe you should follow the _____ Fold Path
49.Where Muhammad fled and raised a following and an army
50.Muslims are not allowed to do this with their money
51.The Islamic holy month
52.Muhammad's wife
55.A strict Hindu religious and social order

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