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Rocks, Gems and Fossils


Rock, gem and fossil information needed to do this puzzle.

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6.one type is milky white with flashes of colour inside
9.usually red or black and is an animal skeleton found in the sea
10.a rock that has magnetic properties
11.a valuable,dark blue rock found in Afganistan
12.a rock that is so light it floats on water
15.also know as Halite
17.very hard, shiny, compact coal
19.a most valuable metal
21.a pink rock found on the west coast used in making jewelry
23.what is used in expensive jewelry
26.a soft, yellow mineral that smells like rotten eggs
27.a huge dinosaur that was a vegetarian stayed mostly in the water
31.a common crystal that can be clear, pink, yellow or smokey
34.tools made by ancient stone age people
36.a purple crystal of the quartz family found in Ontario
37.also called fool's gold
38.a light silvery metal
1.a rock that falls from outer space
2.molten rock
3.the most abundant mineral found in agate
4.metals found in a raw state in rock
5.also called flower stone
6.a semi precious glassy translucent green stone also called peridot.
7.a sedimentary rock composed of compressed sand particles
8.enormous prehistoric lizzard like creatures
13.a rock used in building by the ancient Greeks
14.an ancient relative of the elephant
16.needle like dark crystals found in clear quartz
18.his name means "terrible lizzard"
20.called "a girls' best friend"
22.can be found in an oyster
24.a very hard valuable stone usually found in shades of green
25.a green gemstone which has copper as its main mineral
28.a gem called ammolite is made from its petrified shell
29.a coat of fine crystals filling a rock cavity
30.also know an volcanic glass
32.a soft stone that is a favorite of Inuit carvers
33.a very hard red crystal more valuable than diamonds
35.a yellow quartz that is also called false topaz

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