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writing process and terms

shanasia rooks

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1.to go over a paper
4.to use a certain thing
5.a set of words that end with a punctuation
7.to give important information
9.the different things in a writing such as spelling, punctuation,ang capitalization
11.the way the reader expresses himself/herself
12.to warn someone or something
13.to fix any mstakes and etc.
17.words like he, she, i, they, and etc.
18.the way a writing is organized
20.a state of satisfaction
21.the process of gathering your ideas
22.a sentence that does uses like or as
23.a sentence that uses doesnt uses like or as.
24.something that helps you figure out how all of your ideas are connected
25.people who come to watch or listen to a speech or etc.at an event
26.major point that youre trying to prove in the paper
2.the different elements of writing
3.to go over two or more times
6.to take part in something
8.points that realte to a main idea
10.the way something is or sounds
14.to create a similar copy or text
15.a person place or thing
16.to form or process something
19.the way in which something is written

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