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B. Allen


1                                   2  
8 9                             10
11   12                              
      15                           16
17                       18        

1.forces that give materials their strength, their ability to bend, squeeze, stretch, or shatter.
3.equal but opposite forces - or pairs
5.a force that holds the particles in the nucleus together (strongest)
6.an attractive force that exists between all objects
7.the constant velocity once an object reaches its maximum speed - net force is zero
9.the force that opposes the start of motion between two surfaces that are not already in relative motion
11.the acceleration of a body is directly proportional to the net force on it and inversely proportional to its mass
13.the force that opposes the motion of two surfaces that are in contact
15.aka the law of inertia
17.the force that exists between an object and the ground once the object begins moving
19.the ratio of the unbalanced force exerted on it and its acceleration
2.a value describing the nature of the surfaces in contact
4.a method of measuring forces that puts the gravitational force exerted on an unknown mass to the gravitational force exerted on a known mass
8.the study of forces and the motion that results
10.for every force on an object there will always be an equal and opposite force exerted by that object
12.the gravitational force exerted by a large body, usually Earth
14.a push or a pull
16.a force that is involved in the radioactive decay of some nuclei
18.the tendency of an object to remain in the same state of motion

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