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Hebrews, Judaism, & Israel

Eastern Civilization

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4.Doctrine that associates ethical behavior and the belief in one god
7.(Israel) Abraham's grandson, has 12 sons (12 tribes of Israel)
8.Father of the Arabs, Hagar's son
10.Unites Israel, names Jerusalem capital of Israel
11.History of biblical judges who helped rule/ guide the ancient Israelities
12.History of the conquest of the land, and the distribution of the land to different tribes
14.(1800 BC) Semitic people from the summerian city state of Ur, settled into the area of Canaan
15.All powerful, knowing all, No human characteristics, pure spirit
18.Hebrew liberator from Egypt, Leader/ Prophet/ Law Giver
20.Reign of King Solomon until the subjugation of Israel by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians
22.The Law. First 5 books of the Hebrew bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy)
23.(Nevi'im) Next 8 books that contain teachings of the prophets of the Hebrews
24.Prophecies of rations that are persecuting Israel
25.Father of Judaism/ Christianity/ Islam, told by god to leave Ur
26.Describes the establishment of the Hebrew monarchy (Samuel, Saul, & David)
27.(The Writings) Last 8 books of the Hebrew bible containing prayers, hymns, & songs
29.Jerusalem- Capital
1.Religious & moral laws given to Moses
2.Sarah's slave girl offered to Abraham to concieve a son with
3.Jerusalem (Dome of the Rock)
5.One and only God/ Cheif law giver, monotheistic
6.Right and wrong conduct; choice
9.Religion of the Hebrews, Abraham's descendants
13.Prophecies of a person anointed or given power by God
16."You'll be the father of many Nations." Area given to generations of Abraham's family
17.Place to sacrifice & worship God- Solomon builds first temple in Jerusalem
19.Wife of Abraham's, "Mother of many Kings"
21.Organized group of people from a common ancestor
24.Jewish Nation, Northern empire of split kingdom
28.God gives Abraham a son named _____.

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