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Very awesome crossword7873

1 2 3 4
11 12                
17               18                    

5.A message that creates strong feeling in order to make a point
7.opinions or objections that are opposite to the writers claims or position
9.A way of writing or speaking that relies on logic and fax it appeals to people reasoning or intellect rather than on their values or emotions
10.A broad statement about a class or category of people ideas or things based on a study of or a belief about only some of its members
11.An error of reasoning typically a Fallacy is based on incorrect inference of a miss use of evidence
15.Methods to influence other's beliefs opinions or actions
16.An unfair judgment of people based on their ethnic backgrounds
17.Any information that helps to prove a claim
18.Is the believability or trustworthiness of the source and the information it provides
1.Pattern of organization in which a proposition problem is that stated and Anna analyzed and then one or more solutions are proposed his appointment with evidence often is persuasive in nature and reflective reflects opinion the bias and personal viewpoint of the author
2.The writers position on an issue or problem although an argument focuses on supporting one claim a writer may make more than one claim in a text
3.The side of any issue that he or she favors words with extremely positive or native connotations are often based signal of an authors bias
4.A generalization is to be broad you can often recognize overgeneralizations by the appearance of words and phrases such as all everyone every time any anything no one or not
6.Is a statement or beliefs based on evidence experience and reasoning. a valid conclusion is one that logically follows from the facts or statements upon which it is based
8.An argument made to oppose another argument a good argument anticipates opposing viewpoints and provides counterguments to disapprove them
12.Speaking or writing that expresses a position on the problem and supports it with reasons and evidence and argued often takes into account other point of use a anticipating in answering objections that the Opponents might raise
13.Is an expression of the writers attitude towards the subject such as angry sad and humorous can use to describe different owns the tone can also be neutral with no emotion at all
14.A specific piece of information that supports the claim evidence can take the form of a fact a quotient an example assistive stick or a personal expense among other things

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