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AICE Environmental Midterm

E. Brand

Form E

2 3   4
5                           6                  
      7 8  
9                           10                            
  11     12       13  
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18                   19      
    20             21    
    22       23 24               25    
27         28                                        
      29                       30 31
33     34                   35                
36                       37  
    38       39                                            
    42 43 44                    
45                           46           47             48
50                         51                                    
53                       54  
56                     57                    
58                         59                            

5.tendency of moving air or water to be deflected from its path; rotational force
6.the physical or chemical breakdown of the earth's materials
9.the analyzing of potential effects of doing nothing or of intervening
10.Trees enter a dormant state during the winter
14.methods by which humans take care of the soil
16.the sudden movement of rock and soil down a slope
18.small particles of decayed plant and animal material found in soil
22.A circular, prevailing wind that generates circular ocean currents.
27.minerals that can be used and replaced over a relatively short time period
32.remains of organisms that were buried by sediments and became part of the rock
33.interior composed of dense, intensely hot metal, generates a magnetic field around earth
35.Enough rain for plants but not trees
39.a developing country with a low level of industrialization
40.change in a condition that causes further change in the same direction.
41.using and maintaining resources for future use
44.general term for rapid down-slope movement of soil or rock
45.struggle created by community resources, not owned by anyone
47.the flow of a mass of mud or rock and soil mixed with a large amount of water
50.form when hot liquid (magma/lava) cools and hardens
51.Warm, wet and multi-layered
53.when rock layers are cracked
55.the amount of resources needed by an individual
56.related to buying and selling of goods and services (adjectives)
57.responsibility for conserving and restoring the Earth's resources for future generations
58.The layer of the atmosphere between the troposphere and the mesosphere
59.a situation in which there are too many people in a given area
1.the continuous movement of water between ocean, atmosphere and land
2.Trees stay green year round
3.a sudden, terrible event (noun)
4.liquid water seeps into small spaces and freezes expanding and breaking rocks
7.development that can be maintained without depleting resources
8.Can be either alpine or arctic
10.Broad leaves are shed in winter
11.movement of any material downslope controlled by force of gravity
12.change in condition triggers a response that reverses the changed condition
13.have low rates of population growth and are highly industrialized
15.resources that cannot be replaced once they are used
17.disaster that struck the US in the 1930s; an area of land suffering from severe erosion
20.Dry, bare ground and some vegetation
21.A major surface wind that blows more or less continually.
23.rocks change into new substances when exposed to chemical s in air or water
24.the natural shaking of the earth’s crust
25.formed from sediments that are buried, compressed, and cemented together
26.Gradual destruction, as by burning, eating, etc., or by using up, wearing out
28.proportional reflectance of Earth's surface
29.The atmosphere from Earth's surface to the stratosphere
30.made of weathered rock, organic matter, water, and air
31.are seismic sea swells that accompany oceanic and costal landslides and earthquakes
34.system formed by interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment
36.Wet, coastal area with coniferous trees
37.causes physical breakdown of exposed rock without a chemical change
38.the area of land that is drained by a water system
42.top layer of soil; rich in nutrients necessary for plant growth
43.are the sources of most of the earth's crust
46.hot pliable layer surrounding and less dense than the core
48.occurs when sediments are put into places when the erosion agent stops or slows down
49.the slow downhill movement of weathered rock material
52.science dealing with the relation of living things to their environment and to each other
54.the thinnest and outermost layer that surrounds the earth

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