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The Rise and Fall

1         2           3
5   6              
8                   9              
    11     12
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1.one of the main causes of the fall
4.Hazelnut Spread
6.capital of Yugoslavia
7.Tito refused to join this and created his own
8.tito received this this title in 1963
10.this group of people eat a lot of pasta
16.this group of people brought Islam to the Balkans in the 15th century
18.leader of the Chetniks
19.concentration camp in world war II
20.leader of the USSR
2.Tito created this
3.this divided the city of Berlin and Communism and Democracy
5.killed Archduke Ferdinand
9.leader of Croatia during the fall
11.first form of this was developed in ancient Greece
12.the leader of the Ustase
13.first to declare independence
14.a group of people who inhabited the Balkans a long time ago
15.Leader of the Partisans
17.Large Albanian population in this area

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